Announcing ... Lavender's Blue Second Grade!

Lavender's Blue Second Grade is Here!

Well, almost.  The Early Bird edition is available for you in May only.  The completed full curriculum will be released sometime in mid-July.  If you purchase the Early Bird edition now, you get the full curriculum as soon as it's released (but you pay less)!

Forms 5A and 5B

Here's exactly what's included in the May Early Bird Edition:

  • A Quick Start Guide to orient you to Second Grade
  • A year of fully planned out Main Lesson Blocks
  • All your second grade Form Drawings
  • Full-color pictures of drawings, paintings, crafts, and math activities
  • Two special Bonuses only included in May (more details on this page...)
  • The full Second Grade Curriculum sent straight to your inbox as soon as it's released in mid-July

There's even more to come in the completed edition in July including a full Introduction to Second Grade and a Circle Time with active learning for each main lesson block (all recorded to make it easy for you to learn).

I know many of you are excited to jump in now, so I don't want to make you wait!  And I'm also excited because when you purchase now you have the chance to give me feedback on what you'd like to see in the full curriculum.

For full details about the Second Grade Early Bird Edition, including a complete description of the main lesson blocks and special bonuses, and to purchase the curriculum, please visit this page.

Note: Please purchase by May 31st in order to receive the Early Bird edition and the May Peaceful Planning Bonuses.