Baby Step 1

Dear Mama,

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at this time of year, I completely understand because I feel that way too!  For so many of us homeschoolers, “school” starts soon and since we are the school administrator, teacher for one or more grades and several subjects, school-room janitor and cook all rolled into one we know that it’s important to start the year with an organized house and a steady daily rhythm.  If you’re behind on lesson planning, new to homeschooling or the Waldorf method, or struggling with chaos in your home, you might not even know where to start!  Often the best big starts come from baby steps so over the next few weeks I’m going to walk you one tiny step at a time towards the goal of a joyful homeschooling year.  I’ll do my best to guide you towards a more peaceful home and rhythm.  Will you follow along and let me know how it goes in the comments?



Baby Step 1

Today I want you to find a journal or notebook that you can use for planning and reflection.

Then I want you to set an alarm or notification for yourself to check in for each new baby step post.

You could use an alarm that goes off on your watch, smartphone, or set a reminder in Google Calendar - whatever feels easy and intuitive for you.  A large note on your bathroom mirror or above your kitchen sink might also do the trick!

New posts will go live each weekday at 7am (ET) but it might work best if you pick a time when you know you will have 5-10 quiet moments to yourself to follow through on the baby step right away.

Whatever you do, do not overthink this step or make it complicated by trying to find the perfect journal!  You could use a blank journal, moleskin notebook, 3-ring binder with looseleaf paper, or even copy paper stapled together.  Once you’re in a groove with using your journal you can always upgrade to something more beautiful or inspiring - for now please use something you can find quickly at home.

You’re done!  If you want to celebrate and find motivation with other awesome mamas, head over to this post on facebook and let us know you have your notebook and your alarm is set!