Baby Step 10

Dear Mama, If you're feeling overwhelmed about starting the homeschooling year, come join us on our baby steps path to a peaceful home and rhythm.  Start at baby step 1!  Love, Kelly Today let’s work on our anchor routines.

I think of the most steady and predictable parts of our daily rhythm as our anchors. For many families this includes a morning routine, meals, and a bedtime routine. It might also include an afternoon rest time, a walk, or a time for read aloud. What are the parts of your day that are most consistent and anchor everything else you do?

Take some time today to identify your anchor routines and reflect on whether they’re working for you. Do you have a bedtime routine or bedtime chaos? Are meals a last-minute rush or a chance to connect as a family? Did you have any routines that were working great but fell apart over the summer?

Decide what time of day you could work on that would make the biggest difference in anchoring your daily rhythm and making your family life more peaceful. Imagine that time of day going smoothly. What do you need to add to your routine to make that happen? What do you need to take away? How much time do you need to set aside?

Write out a plan in detail and post it somewhere where you’ll see it at the crucial time. Then commit to following your plan and every day put your focus towards smoothing out that one part of the day until it’s feeling great.

You did it!  If you want to celebrate and find motivation with other awesome mamas, head over to this post on facebook and let us know what anchor routine you're working on!

P.S. Are you curious what we’re working on in my family? We’ve had solid routines for a few years now for meals, afternoon rest, bedtime, and family read-aloud. As my girls get bigger I’m giving them more responsibilities for taking care of their own morning and bedtime routines and mealtime chores. We got a head start on some of those over the summer but I still have to be super consistent or we’ll all get out of the habit. Another area I’m working on is remembering to speak/sing our blessings at every meal, an old habit that fell away in recent months. I’ve also realized that I have a tendency to run around doing stuff while the girls eat breakfast - so I’m going to focus on actually sitting at the table with them (knitting in my hands to help me sit still).