Baby Step 3

Dear Mama, If you're feeling overwhelmed about starting the homeschooling year, come join us on our baby steps path to a peaceful home and rhythm.  Start at baby step 1!  Love, Kelly

Today I want you to set a regular appointment with yourself - homeschool planning time!

If you have experience with homeschool planning you probably know how much time you need.  If this is new for you, I suggest a block of 2 hours each week to start (you can adjust the time as you get a sense of your needs).

I highly recommend that you arrange childcare for this time so you bless yourself and your family with the wonderful gift of mama-alone-time!  For many families, a Saturday afternoon outing with papa is just the thing.  For others, that isn’t a possibility but a mother’s helper or exchanging childcare with a friend will work.

You could also plan to do your planning time after the children are in bed or during their afternoon rest time.  I just want to caution you not to sacrifice sleep or burn yourself out!  As mamas, if someone else isn’t watching the children we tend to still be holding the space for them (especially with little ones, we are still switched “on” even if they’re playing quietly in the other room or sleeping).  I want you to look forward to your planning time so if at all possible, arrange for alone time!

Now find a way to keep this commitment to yourself to take this regular time for planning.  Ask your partner to nudge you out the door to the local coffee shop when it’s time, make a plan to text a friend with your progress, or set a Google Calendar reminder.  What do you need to do so you’ll remember and follow through?

You’re done!  If you want to celebrate and find motivation with other awesome mamas, head over to this post on facebook and let us know exactly when you will be doing your weekly planning and who is helping you get that time!