Baby Step 9

Dear Mama, If you're feeling overwhelmed about starting the homeschooling year, come join us on our baby steps path to a peaceful home and rhythm.  Start at baby step 1!  Love, Kelly Today we’re going to envision our ideal daily rhythm, write it down, and then keep writing it down every day during our reflection/planning time.

Rhythm is the cornerstone, or literally the heartbeat, of Waldorf-inspired homeschooling. Many of us are drawn to Waldorf in the first place because we are drawn to having more rhythm in our lives, but it can also be the thing that makes us feel like, “Help, I can’t do this!” Well, I promise you that you can do this and the way to get there is to go step by step! If you are unfamiliar with the Waldorf concept of rhythm or need a step by step guide please check out this page that I put together from back posts on the blog.

Today I want you to imagine a peaceful day at home. What is your ideal homeschooling rhythm for the school year? Play it through in your mind or sketch it out on paper - write a few drafts if you like. When you have a picture in your mind of a daily rhythm that makes you feel calm when you think about it, write that one down in your planning journal (bonus points for pretty colors).

Now here’s a super secret special trick for getting into that rhythm: Write it down every day! This is a great thing to do during the twenty minutes that you already aside for reflection/planning, or as the last thing you do at night, or first thing when you get up in the morning. If things shift as you ease into your rhythm and discover what works best, that’s great! Your ideal can change - just keep writing it down until you find you don’t need to anymore.

That's it!  If you want to celebrate and find motivation with other awesome mamas, head over to this post on facebook and let us know you wrote down your daily rhythm!