Celebrate Spring!

Happy Spring to You!

Ok, if you're like me and live in a northern climate and sat through four nor'easters in the past three weeks, spring might not feel like it's on the way. But for the sake of sanity, let's just assume it's coming, ok?  ;)

When you feel a warm breeze, see the tip of a crocus press through the soil, or see a redbud burst forth, you know it's time to celebrate!

Your children feel it too. They want to run outside barefoot as soon as possible, and "mud season," as we call it around here, is an absolute delight for the small set. As the song says, "Spring is coming, and joy is everywhere!"

We love to take walks as soon as there's a wee hint in the air and search for signs of spring. We'll go for a Trillium Treasure Hunt or a Bulb Sprouting Search Party. And when we see those signs, we feel like singing!

Whenever you're ready to welcome in the spring, scroll down for songs, fingerplays, and circles to help you do just that.  Enjoy!