It's Self-Care Month at Lavender's Blue!

Dear Mama,

I know you spend a lot of time thinking about what you want for your children and making homeschool plans. And you know I'm a huge fan of the work that you do every day! But this month I would love to help you spend some time reflecting on your own life and well-being.

December is Self-Care Month at Lavender's Blue! I hope you'll join me for a month of self-reflection and discovery of what keeps you healthy and whole - and where there is room for improvement. I would love for us to have a tribe of mamas who are thriving. I'm imagining what a wealth of difference that would make in the lives of our children!

It's Self Care Month!.png

As you plan and craft and shop for holiday gifts for others this month, think about what little gifts you would like to gift yourself with in the new year. Gifts that don't cost a thing and that you give to yourself....but then they have a ripple effect of blessing your whole family.

Would you like to gift yourself with food that really nourishes you and fuels you? With movement that helps you feel great in your body and gives you more energy? With reflection time that helps you connect with spirit and find purpose in your days? With time for a side passion that recharges you? Or with friends that light you up and make you laugh? Maybe you would like to gift yourself with something as simple and life-changing as permission to go to bed early and get enough sleep.

Over the next few weeks we're going to touch base in all these areas. Rather than handing you a list of things you "should" be doing, I want to help you find the space to reflect. I would love to help you discover what you want and what would make a difference in your life.

Why take the whole month just to focus on reflection? Because it's easy to make a quick and exciting "new year's resolution." The intention is good, but the "resolve" part isn't all there. Neither is a solid plan or follow-through. So it all just fizzles - or worse, becomes a new and fresh load of guilt.

Let's take a different approach. Let's take the time to reflect first, and then from there make a plan that sticks.

In a few minutes of reflection each day, you can observe your own experiences and uncover your own insights, and this will put your gears in motion so much more powerfully than any "eight steps to better sleep" blog post ever could.

So join me here on the blog, where we'll take it one step at a time to set you up for a year of thriving in 2018. 

xo, Kelly

P.S. If you were looking forward to the November Self-Care Month, I thank you for your patience!! For me, attending to basic self-care often means taking a few things off my (right-now) plate. Because I bet you can guess what gives when that plate gets over-full - SLEEP! I do my best to model what I teach, even when that means I Don't Go For Perfect. So it turns out this is a December Self-Care Month....which actually does feel perfect in a way. I'm so happy to have you here reading along! :)

Here's what else is coming up this month and into the new year at Lavender's Blue....

  • Weekly self-care reflection posts with printable journals
  • A free workshop on Making a Self-Care Plan That Sticks (You're invited, so save the date - Saturday January 6th!)
  • An invitation to join the new and fabulous Lavender's Blue Community. We kick off January 15th, and I can't wait to take the topics of self-care and all things holistic homeschooling from "blog post" to "community conversation!"

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