Kindergarten Giveaway

kindergarten curriculum collage
kindergarten curriculum collage

Today I'm giving away one copy of Lavender's Blue Kindergarten. To enter, please leave a comment below and tell us why you would like to homeschool kindy with Lavender's Blue! Comments close at 7am ET Thursday morning. The winner will be chosen by random number, announced on the blog, and notified by email. So exciting!

Lavender's Blue Kindergarten is a truly unique Waldorf-inspired homeschool curriculum. It's for parents who want to give their children a beautiful holistic education. It's for families who want to focus on the joy of connecting and learning together, without spending all their spare time researching and planning out all the details.

This curriculum gives you just the right amount of structure and guidance to help you bring rhythm to your days and weeks.

The centerpiece is a carefully crafted circle time that moves through the seasons from autumn to spring. Families love this circle because:

*It's lovingly created, with a narrative thread (not just a jumble of verses) *It evolves slowly through the seasons, so there is plenty of repetition for your little ones, but also a new song or verse to enjoy each week *It's all recorded on audio to make it easy for parents to learn and then teach their children (no music reading skills required) *There are detailed movement suggestions too

The curriculum includes forty-eight stories hand-picked for the early years.

*The stories are written in a gentle storytelling voice for young children. *Families appreciate having so many age-appropriate stories together in one collection. *And for families with sensitive children, these retellings are a breath of fresh air. (Because there's nothing wrong with you or your child if endings like "Then she was forced to put on the red-hot shoes..." are just too intense.)

Kindergarten includes weekly painting, beeswax modeling, and crafts, all beautifully integrated with the stories and circle time.

*There are full instructions on wet-on-wet watercolor painting in the early years, and a color story for each week. *The crafts are simple and non-intimidating, with a color photo and step-by-step instructions each week. *Together with your child, you'll make beautiful things you'll want to keep, play with, and display on your nature table.

This curriculum is designed to support you in creating a peaceful rhythm in the kindergarten years and unhurried days full of beauty, connection, and play.

Here's what some of our Lavender's Blue mamas had to say:

My son just said "OUR circle time is more fun than the one we did at school." (Waldorf school last year.)I was thinking today that this is the first October in many years that I have actually felt October, instead of it just racing by. I really think it's because your curriculum and circle are so grounding in the season... I can be conscious of it each day and really enjoy it. I love that so much! It is such a gift-- thank you! Julia F.

I have really been enjoying the songs you include in your curriculum. Thank you for including the recordings it makes it SO much easier for me to learn the songs, and it is such a joy to be singing more! For me and the kids. Thank you!! Stacy L.

I want to say a big thank you to you Kelly. The curriculum is so accessible, and inspiring, and helps us to get thru the day as we are all stay at home folk. It's a foundation for peaceful, joy full and soulful living. Kaylah F.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your curriculum. I have three kids ages 3, 6 and 8. I bought the kindergarten download in December and it's what held us somewhat together during a rough month. This month it's been really helping us get back on track and given us the underlying structure and sweetness that we'd been missing for a while. All of my kids enjoy circle time, I hear them singing the songs through out the day and making up new poems to go with the ones we've been saying, and I appreciate that the stories are engaging, but not overly long to read. Alyssa M.

I've been leisurely reading through it, and I cannot tell you how pleased, relieved, and satisfied I am that I purchased it! Pleased because the stories, crafts, and songs are so beautifully integrated and seasonal; relieved because you consistently echo my own opinion that unstructured play and time outdoors are paramount (thank you for that reassurance!); and satisfied because it's such an incredible value overall. It's exactly what I would've wanted to put together myself, had I been willing to spend hours upon hours crafting curriculum. Thank you for doing it all for me!

With heartfelt thanks, Kate T.

Why would you like to homeschool with Lavender's Blue Kindergarten? Leave a comment below to enter the giveaway!

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And our winner was comment number four...

I am homeschooling a Grade 2 boy, a 6yo Kinder boy and we have a 5 month old baby girl also. I have been looking for an older kindergarten resource that transition us into Grade 1 work nicely, and what I have seen of your Kinder curriculum looks amazing! Id love the chance to use it with my younger two, Also I just wanted to add that I really appreciate your words about including gentle retellings of stories for children who are sensitive. I steered clear of many of the Grimms fairytales even in Grade One as my boy found the stories quite distressing or frightening. Thank you for respecting this, Im sure Im not the only one with highly imaginative, sensitive children Also, Happy Birthday!!

Congratulations to Heidi, you won the Kindergarten curriculum!!!