Lavender's Blue First Grade (Giveaway)

The First Grade curriculum is here....And it's time for a giveaway!!!

first grade 10
first grade 10

Last summer when I released the Lavender's Blue Kindergarten curriculum people started asking right away about first grade.  It means a lot to me that my readers and customers wanted more and I worked super hard this year to develop and write an amazing first grade curriculum....I'm so excited that I can finally share it with you!!!

I'm giving away TWO copies to ONE winner this week - one for you and one for a friend!  To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below and let me know why you would love to homeschool first grade with Lavender's Blue!  I'll close the comments on Thursday July 24th at 8pm ET and announce the winner the next day!

I'm also offering the full first grade curriculum at 50% off for this week only (sale ends this Friday July 25th). This is a complete and comprehensive curriculum and it's a great value at the regular price of $245. But I want you to know how much I appreciate you being here, reading the blog, and being a part of this community. So to thank you for all of your support I wanted to offer you a chance to jump in at an incredible price!

To learn more about the curriculum....

first grade cover
first grade cover

Just head over to the first grade curriculum page!

There you'll find lots of information, details, and photos, and also a 50-page sample to get you started!  Just don't forget to come back and enter the giveaway.  :)

But I also want to share a little more with you here in this post.  There are several Waldorf-inspired first grade curriculums on the market.  They are all wonderful.  I admire all the curriculum writers out there and they have each put their own unique perspective, experience, creativity, and voice into their curriculums!  Choosing your curriculum provider can be a tough decision.  I often help readers and friends find their best-match curriculum.  You'll find if you write to me that I won't say anything negative but I'm happy to share about the unique strengths of each option!  And today I'd like to share what I feel is unique about my own...

What's unique about Lavender's Blue First Grade

First Grade 9
First Grade 9

This curriculum includes original stories in six of the main lesson blocks.  I wrote an original container story that ties together all of the lesson content and fairy tales for the autumn blocks in Form Drawing, Fairy Tales and Letters, and Quality of Numbers.  The story follows the adventures of two children as they unlock the secrets of letters and numbers to fulfill three important quests.  It's a story that's meant to get you up and moving and fully engaged in the lessons, and it was my girls' favorite part of first grade (yes, my four-year-old joined in too, because it was fun!).  I also wrote fresh and new gnome stories and poems for the two Arithmetic blocks.  In the first Arithmetic block we meet the four gnomes and learn about the four processes as we keep track of our gemstones.  In the second block we follow our gnome friends into the Elfin Forest, where they use math every day to help their forest friends and find a missing golden crown!

This curriculum includes a full circle time, all of it recorded for you on audio.  I love making circle time accessible for homeschooling families even beyond the kindergarten years because it's a fantastic opportunity to engage with academic content through movement, activity, and music.  The first grade circle time includes seasonal songs and verses with movement, recitation poems for each block, and detailed suggestions for speech/rhythm exercises and active math.  You will love the level of detail here and the fact that it's all on mp3 so you can listen and learn while you do the dishes, walk the dog, etc.

The main lessons are described in detail with daily lesson plans.  I went into a great amount of detail in the subject introductions, block overviews, and daily lesson plans because I know how frustrating it is to read vague instructions.  I think the level of detail in the twelve weeks of math main lessons is especially unique.  One of my goals was to create a complete and comprehensive curriculum.  An equally important goal is to support you to use the curriculum in the way that is most inspiring and helpful for you!  For some parents that is following the carefully laid out plans and for others that is taking the creative ideas and original stories and using those to inspire your own plan.  Either way, you won't have to go scrambling for further resources if you use this curriculum!

This curriculum is visual.  I included full-color pictures of every form drawing, painting, and beeswax modeling lesson for the year as well as pictures of drawings and other activities for every main lesson block.  I think pictures are a great way to take the guess-work out of what to do!

This curriculum is digital-only.  That might be a great thing for you or a big problem, so it's important to know!  Many of my kindergarten customers print their curriculums out (or print just the sections that they need to have in hand); others read on their computer or tablet.  The first grade curriculum is designed with both users in mind, with linked page numbers in the table of contents, a professional design and layout to make it easy on the eyes, and sections grouped with printing in mind (photos all together, planning charts all together, etc.).

I get a thrill out of writing curriculums that are super integrated.  Throughout the curriculum you'll find echoes of other parts, threads that tie it all together, lovely whispers of connection.  Nature studies show up in math stories, recitation poems reappear in the container story, form drawings spring from the lesson content.  If this is exciting for you too, I think you will love this curriculum (and also, I wish I could have you over for dinner because we have a lot to talk about!).

P.S.  Did you see the new Sample Pages?  I just want to make sure because I've been getting lots of requests!

Update:  The giveaway winner is Chelsea.  She writes, 

"Thank you for the chance to win! This is perfect timing for my daughter starting 1st grade this year."