Make a Self-Care Plan that Sticks

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Helping you and your family thrive with holistic homeschooling is my mission here at Lavender's Blue. And I know for you to be successful, it isn't just about understanding what and how to teach and having a great curriculum.

I believe one of the best things you can do to thrive for the long-term as a homeschooling family is to make self-care part of the plan.

I know that isn't easy. Sometimes it doesn't even seem realistic.

But with the right plan in place - and a few key strategies to make it stick - self-care can be the new normal for you in the new year!

I want to help you get there, so I put together a free workshop where we'll Make a Self-Care Plan that Sticks.

Please join me Saturday January 6th at 2PM Eastern - click here to sign up!

This workshop is for you if:

  • Your days are packed and making time for your own self-care doesn't sound too realistic
  • You have really little ones so you don't get much time to yourself and you feel a bit lost
  • You struggle with winter blues and you want to be proactive about taking care of yourself
  • You've been wanting to do a better job with sleep, exercise, or diet but when you make changes they don't stick
  • It's been ages since you pursued that hobby or creative outlet or thing you do just because you love it
  • Your patience, energy, and enthusiasm are waning and you need to recharge your batteries
  • Self-care seems like a good idea of course, but what does that even mean and how do you make it happen?

I would love to help you with this - sign up here to join the free workshop!

xo, Kelly