Ten Things I Love About Circle Time....

Ten Things I love about Circle Time | Lavender's Blue Homeschool
Ten Things I love about Circle Time | Lavender's Blue Homeschool

...And hopefully some encouragement for you to try it too!

1.  I like to start our homeschooling day with active learning, using our whole bodies to learn and move before we sit at the table.

2.  It’s engaging for both my girls and that was true when they were 18 months and 4 years, but it’s especially true now that they’re 5 and almost-8!

3.  Literacy begins with oral language (and most modern educational programs de-emphasize orality too much) and in circle time we get daily practice with speech, the rhythms and tonality of beautiful language, rhyming and word families, and memorizing poetry.

4.  We learn so many fun songs this way! I love having a large grab-bag of songs to choose from to lighten the mood while we’re on a long car ride or cleaning the house.

5.  Families and communities used to sing and make music together and that seems more rare these days. Making singing part of our daily routine really works for me.

6.  I love the richness of math education in the Waldorf tradition. Practicing math with head, heart, and hands in circle time is fun and effective!

7.  Any activity that promotes connection in our family makes me happy! Circle gives us a chance to start our day with playing, moving, singing, and laughing together.

8.  It’s a touch point for observing and working on some basic but super important sensory/motor skills like balance, skipping, crossing midlines, and marching to a beat.

9.  It’s a lovely way to acknowledge and enjoy the changing seasons.

10. I’m fully present with my girls during circle. It takes some focus to remember the songs, lead the movements, and do it all with warmth and enthusiasm, so I’m engaged and that draws them in too!

11.  (Ha!) For me, it’s a fun and creative challenge to write my own circle times, and I love that I can share some of them here on the blog with you too.

I’ll be adding to the Circles page throughout the year so look for some new circles coming up in 2015!

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