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Introducing the Lavender's Blue Community

How would it feel to have a homeschool community that gets you and supports you day in and day out?

The Lavender's Blue Community is your exclusive access to the loveliest, most non-judgmental and supportive group of Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers on the internet.

Homeschooling and staying home with little ones can be isolating. You don't have coworkers in this gig.

But you do have colleagues. They're just scattered all over the country - and the globe!

Just like any dedicated professional, you need to connect with other people in your field. Conversations with other homeschool parents are powerful opportunities to learn from others' experiences, gain perspective, develop and share your own expertise, and grow tremendously in confidence.

Your community is waiting for you!


Here's what you'll find inside the community.

Daily conversations on everything related to Waldorf-inspired homeschooling 

This will be a highly engaged group of parents who see the value in community. We'll be chatting daily on all things holistic homeschooling. Want to connect? Post your thoughts or join a conversation. Have questions? Your community has you covered. Running into challenges? Check in with your tribe. Want to share your successes? We will celebrate with you! (I'll be there - will you?)

Dedicated tribes so you can find your people

Our Tribes are where you can connect with other parents who are interested in the same topics as you. Along with tribes for each grade, we'll have groups for Handwork, Early Years, Book Corner, Homeschool Life, Festivals, and more. Join as many as you like! (You can also choose not to join any of the tribes, and then you won’t have posts on those topics cluttering up your screen.)

An invitation to our members-only monthly tea times

It's bring your own tea, coffee, or hot cocoa! There's nothing I love better than meeting up with a like-minded mama for tea and a chat. We'll be meeting up every month for a live video call for real-time conversation and connection. I can't wait to meet you face to face!

Free tickets to our monthly Saturday Workshop Series

Join me once a month for a Saturday Workshop on topics chosen by our community. These will be super valuable, and they're free with your community membership! Can't make it live to a workshop? That's ok, I'll send you the recording to keep!

    How This Community Is Unique

    It’s a planned and co-created community experience with paid leadership.

    I had a vision for something that's so much more than just another facebook group.

    There are many places to ask questions and crowd-source answers online. True community-building is rare.

    Unlike facebook groups where people pop in to ask questions but don't ever form a cohesive community, our group is designed for connection. Community membership is quarterly (three months at a time) for one simple reason: We’re putting all our efforts into making this a real community. Real relationships take time. I know I can give much better mentorship support when I have interacted with someone for awhile, had back-and-forth conversations, and have a picture of where they're at in their homeschool journey. It's difficult to give really useful answers to random questions without any context. I love actually getting to know our Lavender's Blue mamas. I like to help brainstorm tailored suggestions, not give cookie-cutter advice.

    It will be so much more fun, useful, and efficient for all of us to give and receive support in a close-knit community rather than search out crowd-sourced responses from strangers!

    We're working behind the scenes to foster engagement and connection in the community.

    You can expect a high level of engagement in the new community. It’s a paid program, so the families who join are really excited for this offering, willing to invest in this level of community and support, and they’ll show up and engage. And as the leader of a paid community, you bet I’m extra committed to showing up too. I’ll be hanging out daily, sharing my insights and experience, hosting monthly video chats for face-to-face conversation, and teaching a new workshop each month.

    We also have a wonderful, dedicated Community Manager, Flora Schubert, who has already put so much warmth, thought, and positive energy into creating this community from the ground up. (If you don’t know Flora yet, read her bio below!)  Flora and I have put together a detailed engagement plan and rhythm for the group with regular checkins, conversation starters, themed discussions, and interest-based subgroups.

    We’re overflowing with ideas for more engagement features we can add, like challenges, knit-a-longs, book clubs, matching up homeschool buddies, and a guided early years journey, but we’ll be co-creating the community with our members. It’s been really fun to watch the responses coming in from our new members on what bonuses and workshops they’d like most for session one. So far the top bonus choices (tied in the poll) are “Circles for Jan, Feb, and March (circles from the blog in downloadable form - mp3 and pdf)” and “Bonus Call: Teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades.” 

    Our online space is designed for community building, not for distractions, rabbit holes, and advertisements.

    The new community is hosted on our own private Mighty Networks app, which is not connected to any social media (so it’s a cozy dedicated space with no advertisements or newsfeeds).

    Some of the best features of facebook groups are also in the new app - an invitation-only private group, easy posting and threaded comments, direct messaging, easy search, and control over notifications. You can visit the Lavender’s Blue Community from your web browser and you can download the app to your phone for direct one-touch access.  Flora is making video tours for everything so you’ll know exactly how to navigate in the group and take advantage of all the features.

    There are some unique features as well. You can see each other’s hometowns at a glance and there’s a “Members Near You” list that lists members in order of how close they are to you. There’s also the option to join interest groups around specific topics. We’re calling them “Tribes” and it’s where you’ll meet to chat specifically about different grade levels, handwork, what you’re reading, festivals you’re planning, and more. You won’t have to “go” anywhere to chat in a group, you can easily designate which tribe each post goes to, you have control over which tribes you belong to, and all of your posts show up in one personalized thread.

    There are plenty of free facebook groups available for Waldorf-inspired why join a community with a membership fee? 

    If you're getting the mentorship, support, and community that you need on facebook, that's great! But many mamas find the facebook experience to be scattered and distracting. They're in twelve groups because they aren't getting quite what they need from any of them. They appreciate peer support but would love experienced mentorship. They could use more peace in their lives, so their ideal community is away from the chaos and endless distractions of facebook newsfeeds. 

    Rather than offer something mediocre or duplicate the kinds of support and community that are already available on facebook, I decided to create - and invest a whole lot of time and money in - something new and higher level. Most of us have to make difficult decisions about how to spend our money each month, and I understand that not everyone will choose to invest in a paid community. But if you would love a well-designed community experience and top-notch support, we built that for you and I hope to see you there!

    Your Community Leaders

    Kelly Ehrman

    Owner and Author of Lavender's Blue Homeschool

    I live in gorgeous small-town New Hampshire with my daughters Aiya and Sierra. We spend our mornings learning fascinating things in engaging and creative ways, exploring the woods, and occasionally-ish throwing our plan out the window to read just a few more chapters out loud because read aloud is our favorite thing. The girls are in 2nd and 5th grades this year, and when people ask how long we've been homeschooling I like to say "from birth!" Before they were born I taught mixed-age kindergarten at a truly unique outdoor school - and the bar was set pretty high for the kind of education (and relationship to learning) I wanted my children to have. By the time Aiya was two years old I was headlong into researching homeschooling. We were living in North Carolina at the time, and our amazing local homeschool community sealed the deal. The moms who were ahead of me on the homeschool journey were such an inspiration, and I could see how homeschooling works. Belonging to a community gave me confidence. I fell in love with the Waldorf approach, and when I couldn't find the curriculum I was looking for in the preschool years, I began to develop my own. Lavender's Blue Homeschool was the result! The curriculum is still in progress, but all along I've had a vision that's bigger than the curriculum. Lavender's Blue needs a community as well. No matter where you live, I want you to have a community of mamas who inspire you, give you confidence, and show you how homeschooling works.

    Flora _ Bio Pic  Circle.png

    Flora Schubert

    Community Manager at Lavender's Blue

    I live in Pennsylvania with my husband, Gary, and my children, Andy and Claire.  I taught Kindergarten and The Elementary Gifted Program in public school prior to having my own children but after they were born, my heart was at home. We committed to homeschooling the children and having me stay at home with them and what a gift that has been for all of us.  We spend our days learning together, exploring, creating and playing. We have days that we learn at home and other days that we do lots of exploring. We are very involved in our Community Supported Garden and our local historical farm and both of those places have been huge parts of our homeschooling adventure.  I work as a homeschool evaluator in PA and as the Community Manager for Lavender’s Blue. Both of these jobs offer me the chance to support and encourage others on the path of parenting and homeschooling. I feel strongly that the non judgmental support of like minded people is a key to success and I am grateful to have the chance to work with this community. 

    How to Join

    Community enrollment is currently closed! We'll be opening again for session two in early April. We would love to have you join for the next round - please add your name to the wait list below so you don't miss the announcement!


    Will workshops be recorded? How long will the recordings be available?

    Yes, the workshops will be recorded, and hosted on a password-protected page. Community members get to keep their workshop recordings even after the session has ended. We have three new workshops coming each session and members get to vote on the topics!

    Can we join if we aren’t using the Lavender’s Blue Curriculum?

    Yes, you are most welcome! This community isn’t just for families using the Lavender’s Blue Curriculum. If you’re a Waldorf-inspired homeschool family looking for lovely, non-judgmental community, this is the place for you.

    My child is still in the early years, so we aren’t technically “homeschooling” yet. Will this community be a good fit for me?

    Yes, definitely! It’s no secret I have a soft spot for the early years. One of my top goals is to give parents the community and support they need in the precious years before main lessons start. We have a dedicated Early Years tribe waiting for you and better yet, you’ll have the opportunity to go step by step through the Lavender’s Blue Early Years Guide together with your tribe. Mamas write to us all the time to share what an impact the Early Years Guide has had for them. Going through it together will be even more amazing!

    My child is in the middle/upper elementary years. I could use more support and families to talk to from the same age group. Should I join the community?

    I can relate - please join and come talk to me! My oldest is in 5th this year and it’s interesting that just as the homeschool subjects and content get more intense, there are fewer resources available, and fewer moms to connect with and learn from. I’m working on creating a solid curriculum for third grade and up, but that’s a marathon journey! In the meantime, let’s connect and support each other in the community. We have a dedicated tribe for Third Grade and Up (and we can adapt and separate out more groups as needed). 

    My partner is also involved in homeschooling our child. Can s/he join as well?

    Absolutely! The membership fee is per family. Please let us know if your partner/spouse would like to join and we will get them set up at no additional cost.

    I live in the Southern Hemisphere. Will I get to meet other families from my side of the world?

    I sure hope so! We have many customers and readers from the Southern Hemisphere (and our Project Manager too!) and I hope that you’ll join us in the community. We’re setting aside a special tribe just for you to easily find each other and connect.

    Can I sign up for one month at a time?

    Community membership is quarterly (three months at a time) for one simple reason: We’re putting all our efforts into making this a real community. Real relationships take time. We can’t wait to get to know you!

    If I sign up now, will I be auto-billed for the next session?

    Nope! At this time we are enrolling quarterly and we’re not saving your card info or processing payments automatically. We’ll send you an invitation to enroll for the next session when it’s time.

    Can I give a community membership as a gift?

    Absolutely! If you want to gift a membership, just purchase and then send us an email at with the full name and email address of your recipient. We'll get them set up in the community right away!

    When can I join the Lavender’s Blue Community?

    We are currently enrolling through January 19th only for Session One. Your Session One membership is for January, February, and March. If you miss session one, you’ll have to wait until April to join us!

    I have another question not answered here!

    Please reach out to and we'll be happy to answer it!  :)

    Your homeschool community is waiting for you!

    Community enrollment is currently closed! We'll be opening again for session two in early April. We would love to have you join for the next round - please add your name to the wait list below so you don't miss the announcement!