30 Days to Waldorf-Inspired Preschool at Home

Welcome to 30 Days to Waldorf-inspired Preschool at Home! Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of all the blog posts.


I hope this blog series will help you understand the basics of Waldorf early childhood. But even more than that, I hope it will give you practical steps to take to implement those basics into your own home.

Reading about something doesn’t usually lead to big changes - you have to actually do something too. Here is how you can get the most out of this series:

1. Read the posts in order. Take as long as you need to to go through each step. I’m not expecting you to make massive changes or learn 30 new things in one month, so please don’t expect that of yourself!

2. Consider how each step applies to your unique family. Read and try things with an open mind, but in the end, take what works for you and leave the rest.

3. Do try things! I often hear from people that they never thought such-and-such would work in their family but when they tried it their children responded really well. So try things and notice how your children respond.

4. Find a way to share what you’re learning with other (positive, supportive) people - that’s a great way to process and gain clarity. Talk about it with friends, share with your spouse, participate in an online forum or facebook group for Waldorf-inspired parents, and come leave a comment below the blog posts to share with us how it’s going for you. I can’t wait to hear about it and I will do my best to answer questions in the comments!

5. Above all, celebrate your family life! I truly believe that you are doing an amazing job.


Day 1 - Create a vision for your family

Day 2 - Nurture your relationship with your child

Day 3 - Protect time and space for creative play

Day 4 - Bring your own work into rhythm

Day 5 - Establish a nurturing bedtime routine

Day 6 - Go outside every day

Day 7 - Sing with your children

Day 8 - Slow life down to human speed

Day 9 - Prioritize pleasant meal times

Day 10 - Observe the rhythms of your family life

Day 11 - Bring your days into rhythm

Day 12 - Set up your home for creative play

Day 13 - Provide open-ended toys

Day 14 - Provide modeling materials

Day 15 - Offer rhythmic activities

Day 16 - Hold the space while your child plays

Day 17 - Make movement a priority

Day 18 - Give your child an afternoon rest time

Day 19 - Be the leader in your home

Day 20 - Be someone you want your child to imitate

Day 21 - Hold the boundaries

Day 22 - Preserve the awe and wonder of early childhood

Day 23 - Deepen your connection to nature

Day 24 - Celebrate festivals

Day 25 - Tell stories

Day 26 - Protect the senses

Day 27 - Unplug

Day 28 - Do wonderful work with the hands

Day 29 - Prepare for kindergarten and first grade

Day 30 - Know what a difference you are making