Lavender’s Blue is your guide to Waldorf-inspired homeschooling with confidence, ease, and a whole lot of joy.

“I can’t express how beautiful and life changing LB has been to our family. When I think to how harried and all over the place we were two years ago. Now we are calm, well paced, relaxed and totally in love with learning. Every day with LB is a beautiful gift xo”

- Allison S.


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The Peaceful Planning Workbook

Planning out a whole year of Waldorf-inspired homeschooling might sound daunting, but it doesn't need to be - as long as you take it step by step! This powerful but inexpensive workbook will help you plan with peace, not stress. 

Please note this workbook is only available through the end of October! I'm taking it off the shelves for some awesome updates. If you purchase now, you'll have lifetime access to any future updates at no additional cost to you, even if I raise the price.

"I ordered the peaceful planner workbook and worked through it last week - and it was just what I needed. This week I'll start planning some specifics, with the solid foundation and knowledge of what we want this year to look like. THANK YOU! I didn't know where to start, and this process was great. My husband and I went out for dinner and worked through the goals for our child like a mind map. Excellent resource!" ~ Christina G.



The complete, creative, and highly detailed Waldorf-inspired curriculum you can count on.

This curriculum includes a level of step-by-step guidance, imaginative lessons, and guilt-free support that you won’t find anywhere else. We've heard over and over again from parents that this curriculum helps them finally understand how to bring Waldorf to life at home. Parents especially love the detailed daily lesson plans, fully planned out circle and math practice activities, and song recordings!

 “This is hands-down the best curriculum I’ve used (and I’ve tried several others!). Thank you, thank you.  I have really, really enjoyed this year. You’ve been so supportive and approachable to all of us and we all just wish we could keep on using your curriculum through high school (or as high as each wants to go — but you get the idea!) We just love you and your curriculum and I can’t thank you enough for a truly beautiful 2nd grade year for my son.”

- Patricia A.

“I've spent the past couple of days reading through your grade one curriculum and I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think it is!! I've been at the Waldorf homeschooling thing for a little while (I have two older children, one starting 5th grade and one starting 2nd) and we have used all of the Waldorf home school curricula at different points over the years, often trying to integrate parts of them, but none of them come close to comparing with the loveliness and parent friendliness of yours.” - Sarah L.

The brand new Third Grade Treasure Map is also now available!

This Treasure Map is designed to help you uncover the shining treasures of a third grade Waldorf-inspired homeschool experience. It will give you both a birds-eye view of what to cover and a roadmap that you can follow or amend to suit your family this year. There's also an option to join our Co-op for third grade support and community all year long!

“My son just said "OUR circle time is more fun than the one we did at school." (Waldorf school last year.) I was thinking today that this is the first October in many years that I have actually felt October, instead of it just racing by. I really think it's because your curriculum and circle are so grounding in the season... I can be conscious of it each day and really enjoy it. I love that so much! It is such a gift -- thank you!”

- Julia F.