A Main Lesson Block Plan for Second Grade

Second grade is a fun year, as I’ve mentioned before. Second graders have main lessons in math and language arts. Nature and form drawing are also core subjects and might be covered in main lesson blocks or as separate lessons. There’s a lot of wonderful material to draw from in second grade, and many topics to cover, so I thought it might be helpful to share a sample main lesson block plan! Here’s the block plan for the Lavender’s Blue Second Grade curriculum:

September - Animal Legends (Language Arts)

October - Place Value (Math)

November/December - Saints and Heroes (Language Arts)

January - Clocks and Calendars (Math)

February - King of Ireland’s Son (Form Drawing)

March - Aesop’s Fables (Language Arts)

April - Times Tables (Math)

May - Trickster Tales (Language Arts)

June - Review

The language arts lessons cover writing, reading, handwriting, grammar, and stories from around the world. The math lessons include arithmetic (four processes), learning the times tables by heart, mental math, times tables geometry, place value, and telling time.

Keep in mind that a well-planned main lesson includes work with the head, heart, and hands. Storytelling, drawing, painting, modeling, speech, drama, crafts, poetry, music, and movement are woven into second grade main lessons in all subjects.

The Second Grade curriculum weaves nature study into the year and includes weekly form drawing. We also have mid-day lessons scheduled this year to cover seasonal nature lessons, math practice and games, gardening, and crafts. Main lessons begin with circle time (including active math) and I also recommend daily reading practice and knitting this year.

For more on the essentials of second grade and what to cover this year, check out this back post. 

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