Essentials of Rhythm: What's it all about?

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If there is any tool that will make parenting, homeschooling, and homemaking easier for you, it's rhythm. Rhythm is my number one resource for increasing calm and decreasing crazy in my home. It's my favorite preventive discipline technique. It keeps mama and kids on an even keel.

Rhythm is a way of being intentional about the pattern of your days. It's about the parent(s) taking some time to create a predictable flow to the day, week, and year. Rhythm is different than a schedule because it is more of a pattern to follow than a specific timetable. Kids like it when their days follow a pattern. They can relax into their play more when they know what is coming next. A good rhythm will respect this need for predictability but it won't be so rigid that it can't accommodate what comes up in your day.

Actually, I think rhythm is a lot about ensuring that needs are being met. It's difficult to meet everyone's needs in a family...there are just so many needs! When you have an intentional rhythm, you structure your day so that needs are met and work gets done. And what's really great about that is you don't have to think too much about how to fit it all in. It takes time and intention to craft your rhythm in the first place and it takes self-discipline and practice to stick to it, but once you get the hang of it you know that all your bases are covered. That's a great feeling!

So rhythm takes into account the developmental needs of each family member, and it also takes into account the natural rhythms of the body and the seasons. A good rhythm, for example, allows enough time for sleep, rest, and healthy eating.

There isn't any correct rhythm, just one that works for your family in this life season. And when you get it working for you it makes a big difference.

Do you need help crafting a rhythm for your family?

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