Know what a difference you are making

Welcome to Day 30 of 30 Days to Waldorf-Inspired Preschool at Home! (To start at the beginning, just click here!)

This is the last day of the series and if you have been reading along from the beginning - wow, mama, give yourself a high five because we covered a lot!

In this series we have covered so many practical steps on the journey to a Waldorf-inspired family life in the early years. I snuck a bunch of theory in there too and I hope that was helpful! We have covered the essentials of child development in the “willing” years of zero to seven and how to work with the child’s essential nature rather than against it. We have looked at the preschool years from 30 different angles!  And no matter what angle we started from we circled back to the same themes again and again.  That’s because Waldorf is a holistic method that always starts with the healthy development of the whole child.

In the Waldorf-inspired preschool, the child’s work is to play and the parent’s work is to create rhythm in the home. 

“Just let the children play” is a simple idea but when you begin to look deeper you see the subtleties of what the child is really doing, experiencing, and learning through play. You start to understand that something really quite exquisite and complex is at work here. As so often in Mother Nature’s plan there is both simple natural beauty and also a very precise and necessary design behind it all.

It might have been awhile since anyone told you this so I want to say it loud and clear right now:

The work that you do in the home really matters. All that you do day in and day out to raise your children makes a difference in the world. I appreciate your work so much. Thank you.