The Homeschool Planning Quick Start Guide

Hello mama,

I have a Planning Quick Start Guide for you today! This guide is an overview of the whole planning process for Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers so you can get started quickly....and it's free to download.

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I know that planning your homeschool year can feel overwhelming. Waldorf-inspired homeschooling is creative, deep, and meaningful….and it’s also complex. There are so many resources out there and so many details to plan and decisions to make.  

This guide will take you through the planning process one step at a time so you can get organized. Whether you’re in the early years or homeschooling in the grades, I hope you’ll find the Planning Quick Start Guide helpful!  

In this guide I'll walk you through:

  • How to start with the Big Picture

  • How to plan out your year

  • How to plan a daily and weekly rhythm

  • How to plan your kindergarten days

  • How to plan your main lessons

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xo, Kelly

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