Rhythm Is...

I have a whole series on rhythm planned for the month of September!  So many of us are getting into a "school year" groove right now, whether we are sending children off to school, unschooling, following Waldorf methods at home, or something else.  Rhythm is a topic that comes up frequently in Waldorf circles - it's something that draws people to Waldorf because they feel instinctively that they need more rhythm, but on the other hand it can feel quite challenging and even elusive!  Let's start today by painting a picture of what rhythm is and what it is not. Rhythm is NOT:

A chaotic life with no boundaries or predictability An ironclad schedule

A detailed plan for every 15 minutes A plan that never changes - something you set once and then stick to for years

Governed by the clock (rather than the human beings in front of you) A plan modeled off of somebody else’s family life or what happens in schools

Set in stone Something to make you feel stuck or stressed

Rhythm IS:

An intentional flow to your days and weeks Noticing and responding to the seasons of mother nature

Predictability that helps children feel secure (and not just in kindergarten) A tool for helping all family members feel grounded, balanced, connected, and secure

Form that makes freedom and creativity meaningful The right amount of structure to support engaged play and learning

A proactive tool for peaceful discipline A tool for you to use in planning your days and weeks, so you can feel organized with minimal effort

Family traditions that mark the seasons Respecting your body’s natural rhythms

Balancing in-breath and out-breath A guide for what comes next in the day and what makes each day in the week special

A process Responsive to the needs and energies of the people involved

A chance to check-in and make sure your life lines up with your values - are you prioritizing what you think you are prioritizing?

If you want to learn more about rhythm, tune in next week, and in the meantime you can read these back posts:  The Essentials of Rhythm and Tools for Discipline:  Rhythm.

Now it's your turn:

Tell me how rhythm is working for you and how it is a challenge in the comments below!  And if you post a question here, I will do my best to address it in an upcoming blog post.