Song: A Farmer Awoke At The Break of Day

Traditional harvest verse; original music by Kelly Ehrman.

We like to do this song in circle, galloping for the first couple verses and then pretending to dig for the last verse.  It would also go well with this story about a farmer. Have fun!

A Farmer Awoke

A farmer awoke at the break of day,

He got on his horse and he galloped away,

He galloped away, he galloped away,

He got on his horse and he galloped away.

Oh, come all you farmers, Oh come, said he,

Our carrots and turnips for to see,

In the warm earth they have grown so big,

We must bring our tools and dig and dig,

So fetch your spades and come along,

To dig up the roots with your arms so strong,

To lay them out in the sun to dry,

Then pile them up in the cart so high!

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