Song: Froggie Went A-Courtin'

Little ones love to sing seasonal songs and mother goose rhymes. As my girls get older we've moved on to singing more folk songs that all ages enjoy.

Froggie Went A-Courtin' is a very old Scottish folk song that became part of the American tradition. This is a long one, with many different versions, lots of verses, and plenty of potential to add your own. (Most versions wrap up the story with a cat or other animals coming to eat all the wedding party, but my girls prefer that the heroes stay alive.)

Listen to the recording below to learn the song and then sing with your family.

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Lyrics for Froggie Went A-Courtin'

Froggie when a-courtin, he did ride, sword and pistol by his side.

Rode right up to Miss Mousie's door, gave three raps and a very loud roar.

Said he, "Miss Mousie, are you within?"  "Yes, kind sir, I sit and spin."

He took Miss Mousie on his knee, said "Miss Mousie, will you marry me?"

"Without my Uncle Rat's consent, I would not marry the President."

Uncle Rat he laughed and shook his sides, to think his niece would be a bride.

Uncle Rat went a-running down to town, to buy his niece a wedding gown.

Where shall the wedding supper be? Way down yonder in hollow tree.

What shall the wedding supper be? A fried mosquito and a black-eyed pea.

First to come was a flying moth, she laid out the table cloth.

Next to come a Juney bug, carrying a water jug.

Next to come was bumblebee, set his fiddle on his knee.

Next to come was chickadee, danced a jig with bumblebee.

Next to come was Missus Cow, tried to dance but didn't know how.

Next to come was a big black snake, ate up all the wedding cake.

Little piece of biscuit lying on the shelf, if you want more you can sing it yourself!

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