Two Spring and Summer Fingerplays (On Video!)

I have two easy-to-learn fingerplays on video for you today. These are just right for spring and summer. I hope you enjoy them!   xo, Kelly

Blog Image - TwoSpringandSummerFingerplaysonvideo.png

Watching a fingerplay on video is by far the easiest way to learn the verse and hand gestures. Watch a few times to learn it yourself, and then teach your child. 

Please note my intention is for parents to watch the videos on their own and learn the fingerplays to teach their children (not for children to watch the videos). Young children learn best from direct interaction with others, and that's especially true for language skills.  :)

Are you wondering why fingerplays are so popular with Waldorf early childhood teachers and your children's librarian too?  Check out this post to learn about the Magic of Fingerplays!

And for a whole collection of videos like these, be sure check out the Lavender's Blue Fingerplay Video Library!

This is My Garden Fingerplay

This is my garden;

I'll rake it with care,

And then some flower seeds

I'll plant in there.

The sun will shine

And the rain will fall,

And my garden will blossom

And grow straight and tall.


Dig A Little Hole Fingerplay

Dig a little hole,

Plant a little seed,

Pour a little water,

Pull a little weed,

Chase a little bug

Hey ho, there he goes!

Give a little sunshine,

Grow a little rose.


Have fun with the magic of fingerplays!