Wet Felted Bird's Nest Tutorial


A few years ago, I wanted to make a wool bird's nest with the girls for our spring nature table. After a failed hilarious attempt with yarn and glue, we tried wet felting. Wet felting was one of our very favorite activities for the kindergarten years!

The wool nest turned out soft and lovely and it’s one of the crafts we’ve kept to pull out every spring. I’ll walk you through how we did it!

If you've never wet felted before, I recommend this great video tutorial on making felted beads.


  • Small bowl

  • Large bowl

  • Pitcher of hot water

  • Small scoop or measuring cup (for pouring)

  • Natural dishsoap

  • Wool roving in different colors

  • Plastic wrap (optional)

  • Towels (to protect your table)

1) Place your small bowl upside down in the large bowl and carefully layer strands of wool roving over it, always criss-crossing layers as you go.

2) Slowly pour hot soapy water over the wool, doing your best not to wash it off.

3) Rub and scrub the wool, again doing your best to keep it on the small bowl.

4) Repeat steps 1-3 a few times with more layers of wool. Be sure to cover any thin spots.

5) Once your nest is thick all over and the outer layer looks the way you want, you can cover it with plastic wrap and really rub to get the wool nice and felted.

6) Take off the plastic wrap. Let the nest dry completely on the bowl.

Happy felting!