What is Waldorf-Inspired Kindergarten at Home?

What it IS:A positive family life centered on the home Rhythm Time and space for open-ended creative play Movement, imitation, and imagination Parents modeling meaningful work An understanding of ages and stages, that all comes in its own right time Creativity, art and freedom within gentle forms A home and a family culture which are consciously created A focus on connection, boundaries, joy, and love A magical childhood

What it is NOT: The same thing for every family Modeled on a school setting A prescribed list of activities or learning goals Didactic teaching, product-oriented projects, or intellectual explanations Teaching skills out of context (for example, using a worksheet to teach shapes or a button board to teach how to button up a shirt) An introduction to phonics, handwriting, or math Parents running themselves ragged Too much time outside of the home Overstimulation, stress, pressure, or age-inappropriate expectations Perfectionism and doing everything the “right” way Materialism in the guise of a perfect playroom