Dear Mama,

This year I'm embarking on a third grade journey - and I would love to have you with me!

If you are teaching third grade next year, I invite you to join me and a small but mighty group of Lavender's Blue mamas to walk through the third grade year together.

This year's co-op includes the Lavender's Blue Third Grade Curriculum, released in monthly installments through the 2018-19 school year.

It also includes monthly co-op calls and a full year's membership in the Lavender's Blue Community. These are our opportunity to explore the third grade curriculum together (not to mention parenting and teaching your child through the nine-year-change)!

The Lavender's Blue Third Grade Curriculum Co-op kicks off July 6th and I would be thrilled to have you there! 

The Lavender's Blue Third Grade Curriculum will include...

  • The same carefully designed, integrated, detailed lesson plans you expect from a Lavender's Blue curriculum
  • 36 weeks of main lessons (with daily plans) 
  • An incredibly fun journey through the hands-on practical subjects of building, woodworking, measurement, farming, gardening, and cooking
  • An imaginative and thorough approach to math with topics in arithmetic and measurement
  • A rich and holistic approach to language arts with stories, grammar, writing, cursive, and integrated fine arts
  • An exploration of the question, "How do we live here on earth?" through the lens of several different cultures
  • Setting the stage for the middle grade years with our first steps into world geography and science
  • Legends from Native American cultures, China, and the ancient Hebrews

This year we'll have main lessons in: 

Farming: A year-long journey through the seasonal life and work of the farm, full of practical projects and explorations of topics such as raising fruits and vegetables, preserving the harvest, animal care, fibers, grains, dairy, maple sugaring, beekeeping, weather, the soil and water cycle, insects, seeds, and more.

Shelters: We'll explore the ways that people have lived on the land in many different climates, and how they made use of natural resources to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves. We'll soak up stories from Native America and China, build model shelters, and take first steps towards writing summaries together.

Building: Springing from our farming studies, we'll begin with a study of trees and their special role in our ecosystem as well as how they are used as a resource for food and material. We'll learn how to use tools safely for woodworking and plan out a building project for the year. We'll also look at how buildings are made using all kinds of different materials, and learn about the process of building a modern home.

Language Arts: Through creation stories from around the world as well as the stories of the Ancient Hebrew people, we'll learn cursive, practice writing, and introduce new grammar topics such as parts of speech. We'll also support each child's individual journey into accurate and fluent reading and spelling.

Math: We'll continue to build number sense, arithmetic agility, and wonder with the world of numbers, patterns, and forms. We'll introduce vertical arithmetic with regrouping, learn the times tables by heart, take a deep dive into the history of measurement, work with time and money, and practice measurement and estimation throughout the year in all our practical subjects main lessons.

Here's what will happen when you enroll in this curriculum co-op:

You'll receive a welcome letter right away with a link to a printable schedule for the year including our main lesson block plan, the release dates for each curriculum block, and our co-op call schedule. You'll also receive your coupon code for a full year membership in the Lavender's Blue Community.

On July 6th you'll receive our first curriculum release: the new and updated Third Grade Treasure Map. This is your detailed guidebook to the Waldorf curriculum for third grade, teaching and parenting through the nine-year-change, homeschooling with Lavender's Blue, and planning your year. The Treasure Map will include a supply list and read aloud suggestions for the year.

On July 13th we'll meet for our first co-op call! This is our chance to meet each other, answer any questions you have, review your third grade schedule, and get settled in for the year.  Please note that you are warmly invited but not required to attend our co-op calls. The cost of the program is for the curriculum and the calls are included free of charge.

On August 3rd you'll receive our first curriculum main lesson block with detailed daily lesson plans: our 3-week Farmer Boy Math block. Your next main lesson, a 3-week Autumn Farming block, arrives in your inbox September 7th - and so on throughout the year! Each main lesson is released several weeks before you need it. This will give you plenty of time to review and ask questions on our co-op calls for each new main lesson block.

Each month July 2018 through May 2019 you'll receive a curriculum installment and have the opportunity to join a co-op call:

Curriculum release dates are First Fridays of each month July through May

Co-op calls are Second Fridays of each month July through May

If you have any questions at all, just email us at and we'll be happy to help!

The Lavender's Blue Third Grade Main Lesson Block Plan

I'm excited to share with you our block plan for the year!

Farmer Boy Math (3 weeks)

Autumn Farming (3 weeks)

Trees, Building, and Woodshop (3 weeks)

Shelters I (Native Americans) (3 weeks)

Creation Stories and Cursive (2 weeks)

Language Arts I (Hebrews) (3 weeks)

Winter Farming (2 weeks)

Shelters II (Chinese) (3 weeks)

History of Measurement (4 weeks)

Language Arts II (Hebrews) (3 weeks)

Shelters III (Native Americans) (3 weeks)

Spring/Summer Farming (3 weeks)

Review (1 week)

Please note that there could be changes to this block plan as the year progresses because this curriculum is still in development. I'm pretty sure this is the final schedule but when push comes to shove, you know that creating the highest quality, integrated curriculum is my top priority so lessons will be rearranged if needed to make everything flow beautifully!

Each main lesson block will be released the month ahead of when you will be teaching the content, beginning with the third grade introduction (Third Grade Treasure Map) July 6th and then Farmer Boy Math August 3rd. You'll receive a detailed printable schedule with curriculum release dates and co-op call dates as soon as you sign up. You are welcome to request this info in advance - just email us at

If you sign up for this curriculum co-op anytime later than July 6th you'll still receive all of your curriculum materials (but you'll miss any co-op calls which have already passed). All the main lessons which have already been released by your sign-up date will land in your inbox right away.

Important Dates

Co-op enrollment is ongoing but there are a few important dates to keep in mind:

June 1st - 10th:  Early Bird Enrollment Period (30% off)

June 1st - July 13th:  Monthly Payment Plans available

July 6th: First curriculum release (Third Grade Treasure Map)

July 13th: First co-op call

Important Product Details

The Lavender's Blue Curriculum is a digital product which you may download, print, or view online in our curriculum membership site.

You have lifetime access for your immediate family only to any Lavender's Blue Curriculum which you purchase, including any future updates or bonuses which are added to the curriculum. This material is copyrighted and may not be re-sold or given away.

Your Third Grade Curriculum Co-op purchase includes the full Lavender's Blue Third Grade curriculum, delivered in monthly installments July 2018 - May 2019.

It also includes two awesome bonuses: a free one-year membership in our Lavender's Blue Community as well as monthly co-op calls July 2018 through May 2019.

We are going to have an awesome time in our third grade co-op this year!

In our Third Grade Curriculum Co-op...

We'll walk through the third grade year together.

We'll continue the Waldorf-inspired learning journey with a complete Lavender's Blue Third Grade Curriculum.

We'll hop on a video call every month to connect with each other face to face, answer any questions you have, and chat about all things third grade.

We'll ride through the ups and downs of the nine-year-change.

We'll hang out in our own private nook in the Lavender's Blue Community (your membership is included for the year) where we can continue the conversation at any time.

Will you join us?


Let's get you signed up!

Co-op enrollment is $385 total or $35/month for 11 monthly payments. Payment plans are available if you sign up before our first co-op call on July 13th.

Save one month off the cost of your enrollment ($350 total instead of $385) by choosing the Pay in Full option! 


When does this program start?

The 2018-19 Third Grade Curriculum Co-op begins July 6th with the release of the Third Grade Treasure Map - your detailed guidebook to the nine-year change and the third grade curriculum. Our first co-op call is July 13th.

Do I have to join before the program start date to get in?

No, this year's co-op is open enrollment, however payment plans are only available until July 13th. After that date new members will only have the pay in full option. As soon as you join, you'll have access to all the curriculum that has been released up until that point (but you'll miss out on any co-op calls that have passed)!

Can I join the co-op if I won't be able to make the calls?

Yes! The cost of this program is for the curriculum. The co-op calls are a free bonus. I would love to have you on the calls but you are welcome to join even if you won't be able to! Your Community membership is also included for the entire year, and that's where you can connect online 24-7 regardless of your time zone or other commitments. 

When should we start third grade?

I recommend third grade for children who will be 9 years old for most of the school year.

What reading/math level does my child need to be at to start 3rd grade?

I recommend 3rd grade for the child who will be 9 years old for most of the school year regardless of current reading, writing, or arithmetic skills. We'll have weekly language arts and daily math practice this year and you'll be working one-on-one with your student starting from wherever she's at. One of my absolute favorite things about the Waldorf approach is how flexible it is with when we bring academic skills and I'm happy to help support you with that in our co-op calls.

My child is in second grade next year and we're starting third grade in fall 2019. Should we join now so we don't miss out?

Don't worry, the curriculum isn't going away! The full Lavender's Blue Third Grade will be released as a complete package in Summer 2019.

Can we join co-op if we are in a different region/season, switching mid-year, or starting later in the year?

I think third grade is a year when most families will need to adapt the curriculum in some way to meet their needs (their season, region, start date, whether they have gardening space, etc.). We're getting a lot of questions about how to work with this on different schedules and I'm happy to brainstorm together with you in the co-op group! 

My child has a winter/spring birthday so we'll be starting third grade in early 2019. Should we join now?

Yes, if you would like to use Lavender's Blue Third Grade starting in January - May 2019 I recommend joining the co-op whenever you're ready. You'll begin receiving your curriculum this summer and you can join in our co-op calls too. That way everything's ready for you when you need it and you're way ahead of the game with your planning!

We live in the Southern Hemisphere so we'll be starting third grade in early 2019. Should we join now?

Yes, if you would like to use Lavender's Blue Third Grade starting in January - May 2019 I recommend joining the co-op whenever you're ready. You'll begin receiving your curriculum this July and you can join in our co-op calls too. That way everything's ready for you when you need it and you're way ahead of the game with your planning!

Is membership in the Lavender's Blue Community included with my Third Grade Curriculum Co-op purchase?

Yes, you'll receive a coupon for a free annual membership in the Community when you enroll in co-op. We would love to have you in the Community, where we can connect as a group all year long!

I previously purchased the Third Grade Treasure Map and/or Farmer Boy Math. Can I apply those purchases towards my co-op enrollment?

Definitely! You should have received an email with your coupon code to apply your previous third grade purchases towards the cost of this year's co-op. If you missed the email just let us know at and we'll get you the coupon code you need. Please note these coupons are only valid through our first co-op call July 13th!

I have another question that's not answered here.

We would love to help you with that!  Please email