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Getting Started with Kindergarten

Waldorf-inspired homeschooling offers a unique perspective on education in early childhood. In this approach, young children are respected as whole persons and their healthy development is the top priority. We don’t rush early childhood but instead we take the long-game seriously. We do the right things at the right time (instead of more! now! sooner!) in order to lay a foundation for joyful life-long learning.

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How to Teach Kindergarten (and a Curriculum Giveaway!)

It’s October - an exciting month here at Lavender’s Blue!  We are hosting Curriculum Giveaways all month, plus our annual Birthday Flash Sale!  Today’s giveaway is for the Lavender’s Blue Kindergarten Curriculum. This beautiful, integrated Waldorf-inspired homeschool curriculum includes detailed weekly lesson plans for 36 weeks of kindergarten, as well as video tutorials and guidance on creating a rhythm that works for your family.

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Getting Started with Storytelling in Kindergarten

One of the hallmarks of Waldorf-inspired homeschooling, especially in kindergarten and the early grades, is storytelling. Storytelling can sound like a lot to take on but with some basic information and a bit of practice (plus a leap of faith!) you’ll start telling stories like a pro in no time. Storytelling is central to who we are as human beings so even though it isn’t something we do very often in modern life there is a part of you that already knows how to do it.

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