Nurture your relationship with your child

Welcome to Day 2 of 30 Days to Waldorf-inspired Preschool at Home! (To start with the introduction, just click here!)

Today I want you to nurture your relationship with your child.

Relationships are not built in a day of course, and hopefully this has been your goal since your child was born. But I think it’s helpful to have a reminder that your relationship is the most important element of homeschooling.

How is your connection with your child?

What are the ways that you express love, joy, and warmth in your family?

When connecting feels difficult, what do you do to get the relationship back on track?

Creating a habit of nurturing your relationship will serve you well whether you are homeschooling a preschooler or a ninth-grader. And it’s one of those steps that you just can’t skip and then expect everything else to go well. Your relationship is the most essential ingredient of an environment that allows your child to grow and learn.

How to nurture your relationship with your child:

1. Think of one thing you can do today to connect with your child. (Here are some ideas.)

2. Think of one thing you can do every day from now on to connect with your child.

3. If you are struggling with connection right now, try reading this back post.

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