Summer Planning Co-ops

for Waldorf-Inspired Homeschool

Dear Mama,

You are most warmly invited to join us for the 2018 Summer Planning Co-ops!

Does any of this describe you?

Lavender Foliage200.png

You might get really excited about homeschool planning. You might procrastinate and put it off. You might be enthusiastic, staying up late to research and make pretty charts. You might get overwhelmed when you try to fit in all the ideas, read all the books, and look at all the pinterest pins. You might freeze and not know where to start.

You might do all those things. (I do all those things!)

Whatever your planning strengths and foibles, I bet working through the planning process together with a group of friends would be so much more fun than going it alone.

This July I'll be hosting our Summer Planning Co-ops. The co-ops are grade-specific so all the questions, ideas, and discussions will be focused on the grade that you are planning to teach. 

Each small group co-op will meet for 4 weekly video calls in July. Each week we'll walk through a step in the planning process. We'll chat about our plans for this grade, brainstorm together, and share ideas.

I'll be a there as a facilitator for your co-op group. I'll be there to mention a few key ideas about the planning process and what you might think about for your grade level, and I'm happy to answer questions or give feedback. But this isn't a course or workshop. It's an opportunity for you to connect, share, brainstorm, and plan together!


In your planning co-op you'll connect with other mamas planning the same year of Waldorf-inspired homeschooling and get feedback on your plans in real time!


>> You'll show up with a notebook and your favorite planning pens.

>> You'll bring any planning questions you have.

>> You'll share what you're excited about and where you're feeling stuck or confused.

>> You'll jot down all the wonderful ideas and lightbulb moments sparked by the conversation.

>> You'll leave inspired to tackle your next planning steps. 

>> You'll connect with a group of mamas and have the opportunity to keep in touch all year long as you put your plans into action in your homeschool! 


Weekly Planning Themes

The planning co-ops are all about you connecting with your cohort, learning from each other, and making progress on your plans.


We have just a wee bit of structure to help us all walk through the planning process together. Our conversations can go all over the planning map and your co-op is there to support you wherever you are in the process - there's no pressure to keep up with any schedule.


WEEK 1 - Your Year

Your homeschooling vision for your family and your child

Your calendar for the year

Your main lesson block plan

Your resources

Lavender Foliage200.png

WEEK 2 - Your Rhythm

Your daily and weekly rhythm

Scheduling your non-main lesson subjects

Pulling together the yearly, weekly, and daily schedules for multiple children

Community and activities outside the home


WEEK 3 - Your Months

Goals, content, and resources for each subject and main lesson block

Field trips, projects, and read alouds

Stories, songs, and poems


WEEK 4 - Your Weeks

Weekly planning for main lessons

Learning ideas for head, heart, and hands

The rhythm of the main lesson

Planning for practice subjects




co-op registration is $39 for the entire month.

Additional co-ops are free!

If you're teaching more than one grade level, please sign up for one co-op only. Then email us with the additional grade levels you need and we'll add you in.

Please note there are no refunds for co-op registrations.

Sign up below... 

I can't wait to see you in co-op! 

xo, Kelly



All calls are at 1 PM Eastern Time on a regular weekly schedule. 

That's 1pm New York, 10am Pacific and 6pm London. To find the call time in your time zone, you can use this time zone converter.

First Grade Co-op


July 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd

Second Grade Co-op


July 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th

Third Grade Co-op


July 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th

Fourth Grade Co-op


July 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th

Fifth Grade Co-op


July 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th


What happens when I sign up for co-op?

You'll receive an email with your co-op call schedule and links to join our calls. The co-op calls are hosted on the video call platform Zoom. Each week at the scheduled time you'll click the link in your email to join that week's call. In between calls you'll post and chat as often as you like in our Lavender's Blue Community. Your planning co-op cohort will have its own private space to share your planning progress, ideas, questions, and favorite links/books/resources in between calls.

When is this co-op meeting in my time zone?

Co-op calls are scheduled for 1PM Eastern/New York Time. That's 10AM Pacific and 6PM London. To find the call time in your time zone, you can use this time zone converter. Each grade level (1st - 5th) is assigned a specific day of the week (Monday - Friday).

I'm new to Waldorf-inspired homeschool planning. Do you have any resources that can help me get started?

Yes, whether you're joining co-op or not, I recommend downloading the free Lavender's Blue Planning Guide. You can get it here! This quick-start guide walks you through the basic steps of planning for Waldorf-inspired homeschooling. The co-ops are where you meet other mamas in grade-specific cohorts to plan together.

Is membership in the Lavender's Blue Community included in this program?

If you are not already a member of the Lavender's Blue Community, we will give you a coupon for a free membership for the month of July so you can connect with your Planning Co-op group in between calls! We would love to have you continue with a monthly or annual membership so you can stay in touch with your group all year long. If you purchase a full-year Lavender's Blue Curriculum (grades K-3) you will receive a full year of community membership as a free bonus.

I'm teaching more than one grade this year. Which co-op should I sign up for?

I'd like to encourage you to come to co-op for each grade you're teaching this year. Each additional co-op is free and your weekly co-op calls with same-grade cohorts will help you focus your efforts on one grade at a time and make great progress each week.

How do I sign up for multiple co-ops?

Start by signing up for one co-op. Once your registration is complete, email us at and let us know which grades you're teaching this year so we can add you to those co-ops as well.

I have another question not answered here.

We would love to help you with that! Please email and we'll get right back to you.

See you in July!