Why Rhythm Matters

One of the best things you can do to create a peaceful family life is to bring rhythm into your days. 

Rhythm is an intentional, predictable pattern which you have crafted to guide your days, weeks, and seasons. 

Rhythm helps children feel secure and comfortable – it provides a safe container for all of their beautiful energy, imagination, and creativity. 

Rhythm is a foundational piece of Waldorf-inspired homeschooling from the early years all through the grades because it helps children connect better and learn better.

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The Most Important Step in Homeschool Planning

The most important step in homeschool planning is to start with the Big Picture! Making the choice to homeschool with Waldorf methods gets you part-way there. Working with an excellent curriculum goes a long way toward setting you up for success. But you still need to know how this will look for your family, because there isn’t one right way to do it!

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Ten Ways to Thrive as a Homeschooling Mama

Homeschooling can be super fun but it’s also a big job! You’re spending your days juggling a lot of other people’s needs. And when you do this day after day for years, you can run out of steam.

For your family to homeschool successfully for the long haul, you need to set yourself up to thrive! How can you do that? Here are ten ideas for you….

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Our Favorite Read-Alouds (Kindy through Fourth Grade)

I wanted to share a list of our favorite read-alouds with you today! I set myself the fun but somewhat painful challenge of choosing our top five favorites for kindy through grade four (ok, I fudged a teeny bit by including more than one per author). These are the books we all adored, that made us laugh out loud, that we were excited to visit with more than once like a most cherished friend.

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Getting Started with Kindergarten

Waldorf-inspired homeschooling offers a unique perspective on education in early childhood. In this approach, young children are respected as whole persons and their healthy development is the top priority. We don’t rush early childhood but instead we take the long-game seriously. We do the right things at the right time (instead of more! now! sooner!) in order to lay a foundation for joyful life-long learning.

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The Magic of Fingerplays

One of the principles of Waldorf education is to teach efficiently. Effective teaching is not about putting in hours and hours of drill or repetitive bookwork. It’s about finding ways to engage the whole person in memorable, active lessons. It’s about just the right amount of consistent practice. And it’s about choosing activities that build capacities in multiple ways.

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