First Grade Homeschooling: The Essentials!

Are you thinking about Waldorf-inspired homeschooling for first grade?  Waldorf-inspired methods might be exciting and intriguing when you first encounter them, but it can also feel overwhelming to figure it all out.  But you don't need to figure it all out at once.  First grade is a bridge from the early years to the grades and it's meant to be a playful, gentle, inviting bridge.  This post covers the essential themes and subjects of first grade homeschooling.  It's a jumping-off point for many more in-depth posts on the blog.

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Getting Started with First Grade

Moving from the kindy years into first grade is not just a stair-step from one grade to the next. It’s a bridge into entirely new territory. Children change as they move from early childhood to middle childhood, and our teaching must change to meet their needs. The first grade year bridges the gap.

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Story: How Spider Helped a Fisherman

One of the story themes in Waldorf second grade is trickster tales. These are a lot of fun for eight-year-olds, and for their parents too! There are trickster tales and characters in almost every culture all over the world, so there's plenty of material to choose from. Today's story is my retelling of an Anansi story from West Africa, pulled from the Lavender's Blue Second Grade curriculum.

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Story: Saint Kevin

Second grade is chock full of wonderful stories from many different cultures. Today I'd like to share with you my retelling of the legend of Saint Kevin from Ireland. This story comes from the Lavender's Blue Second Grade curriculum, which includes saint stories from the Catholic, Jewish, and Native American traditions as part of the language arts program.

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Story: The Foolish Hare

This is my retelling of the Jataka story from ancient India: The Foolish Hare (pulled from the Lavender's Blue Second Grade curriculum). Like the Aesop's Fables, the Jataka stories use animal characters to portray human nature - the good, the bad, the ugly, and the humorous. Second graders love animal stories - and especially humor - and the soul lessons of these stories are perfect for the eight-year-old as well.

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Getting Started with Kindergarten

Waldorf-inspired homeschooling offers a unique perspective on education in early childhood. In this approach, young children are respected as whole persons and their healthy development is the top priority. We don’t rush early childhood but instead we take the long-game seriously. We do the right things at the right time (instead of more! now! sooner!) in order to lay a foundation for joyful life-long learning.

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The 4 Top Goal-Setting Mistakes People Make

Goal setting is a skill that can revolutionize your life. Setting and achieving goals that matter to you personally is one of the most important things you can learn and do in your life, but it’s also something most of us struggle with. 

I’m teaching a workshop on goal-setting tomorrow in the Lavender’s Blue Community (will you be there??). I wanted to get a head start today by sharing four of the top mistakes people make when setting goals, and what you can do instead.  Here we go!

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Make a Self-Care Plan that Sticks

Helping you and your family thrive with holistic homeschooling is my mission here at Lavender's Blue. And I know for you to be successful, it isn't just about understanding what and how to teach and having a great curriculum.

I believe one of the best things you can do to thrive for the long-term as a homeschooling family is to make self-care part of the plan.

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Your Social Support Journal

As the holiday season heats up, it's easy to stay caught up in busy. But the darkest time of the year is also the perfect time for reflection. As one year winds down and another year begins, I love taking time to pause, reflect, and set powerful intentions.

This month I'm writing about self-care on the Lavender's Blue blog. But I'm not handing you a "to-do list." Instead, I created a series of journals for you. Each journal is an invitation to reflect on a different aspect of self-care. I want to help you uncover your own insights about what would set you up for a year of truly thriving in 2018.

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How to Teach Kindergarten (and a Curriculum Giveaway!)

It’s October - an exciting month here at Lavender’s Blue!  We are hosting Curriculum Giveaways all month, plus our annual Birthday Flash Sale!  Today’s giveaway is for the Lavender’s Blue Kindergarten Curriculum. This beautiful, integrated Waldorf-inspired homeschool curriculum includes detailed weekly lesson plans for 36 weeks of kindergarten, as well as video tutorials and guidance on creating a rhythm that works for your family.

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