Three Fingerplays for Any Season (On Video!)

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Here are three traditional fingerplays for you to enjoy in any season.

Please note the videos are for you to learn the fingerplay and then teach your child.  Young children develop language skills best in person-to-person interactions.  I hope the videos are helpful for you!  xo, Kelly

I Have Ten Fingers

I have ten fingers, And they belong to me. I can make them do things, Do you want to see? I can open them wide, I can shut them up tight, I can put them together, I can put them out of sight, I can put them up high, I can put them down low, I can fold them together on my lap just so.

hold up ten fingers point thumbs in to self wiggle ten fingers palms up, shrug shoulders open fingers wide shut them tight fold hands together, interlacing fingers hide hands behind back reach arms above head hands down by sides fold hands together and put in lap

Here Is the Church

Here is the church, Here is the steeple, Let’s go inside, And see all the people!

hands laced together, backs of hands up, pointer fingers point up touching to make steeple, roll hands over palms up, still interlaced wiggle all your fingers

Here Are Mother’s Knives and Forks

Here are Mother’s knives and forks. Here is Grandma’s table. Here is Sister’s looking glass, And here is Baby’s cradle.

hands laced together, fingers up flip hands so knuckle side makes a table, pointer fingertips touch to make a triangle, now pinkie fingertips also touch and you have a cradle, rock the cradle back and forth

Read more about the Magic of Fingerplays here and check out more seasonal fingerplays on video here , here , and here.  Don't forget that the Lavender's Blue Fingerplay Library also has a whole collection of fingerplays on video!

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