Two Autumn Fingerplays (On Video!)

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Here are two traditional autumn fingerplays for you to enjoy! I know it can be hard to follow fingerplay instructions without a visual, so I've put them on video. Click the following links for winter, spring, and any season fingerplays on video. And if you love these, the Lavender's Blue Fingerplay Library has a whole collection of them!

Please note my intention is for parents to watch the videos on their own and learn the fingerplays to teach their children (not for children to watch the videos).

Whisky Frisky

Whisky, frisky, hippity, hop, Up he goes to the tree top! Whirly, twirly, round and round, Down he scampers to the ground. Furly, curly, what a tail! Tall as a feather, broad as a sail! Where’s his supper? In the shell! Snappity, crackity, out it fell.

swing hand back and forth up to the treetop, move hand back down in circular motion, use forearm and hand to make a tall tail, cup hands to show nutshell, use hands to show cracking nutshell and nut dropping out, nibble nuts like little squirrels!

Here Stands an Apple Tree

Here stands an apple tree, I look up and I can see, Big red apples ripe and sweet, Big red apples good to eat. Shake the big old apple tree, See the apples fall on me. Here’s a basket big and round, Pick the apples from the ground. Here’s an apple ripe and sweet, That’s the one that I will eat!

stretch arms out in front of you, arms swing up above head, look up, reach and pick an apple from tree with one hand, reach and pick an apple from tree with other, handshake the tree trunk, duck and cover head, arms link to form basket, pick up apples from ground to pile in basket, pick out an apple from basket and hold it up, polish apple and take a big bite!